Nic Koller is a multi-disciplinary artist exploring the boundaries of collage in video, painting & installation. His works tell emotional narratives through depictions of everyday people. When not portraying others, he brings the viewer closer, sharing glimpses of cities he’s visited & the emotional experience of travel.

Koller’s desire for collaboration informs his process & allows others influence over a piece’s content & how it portrays the collaborator. When not collaborating, he is documenting. He shoots source material on a Canon AE-1 and uses the images to construct cityscape collages & reference material for paintings. His broad interest in people motivates him to push beyond individual identities, to understand & express a universal experience and explore the common good & bad in everyone. The end goal is an emotionally honest depiction of people & the places they call home, which continues to make restraint, randomization & collaboration important aspects of his evolving practice.

Lumberjack Photo Shoot

Photos by Kenny Armand of Jumpship Photo.

Transparency Photo Shoot

Photos by Kenny Armand of Jumpship Photo.