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Most People: A Work in Progress
Dance & Video Work, 2017
Runtime: 21:46
"Most People" is a collaborative, explorative dance and video work directed by Nic Koller & Kate Morales.

How are women used as agents of war against other women? How are we complicit in the advancement of some which necessitates the displacement of others? Do we participate blindly or gleefully? How are we projecting our own failures onto others and what does it mean to see each other succeed? Is the feminine experience being weaponized against us, and are we wielding that weapon?

Performances by Lara Mahler, Michelle Sagarminaga, Rebecca Gual, Samantha Bergman & Kate Morales. Featuring recorded spoken word by Estevan Vianes.
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Most People: A Work in Progress
Most People: A Work in Progress